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A Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) has been accredited by the HFESA as being able to provide high quality expert advice in ergonomics and human factors.

The CPE search system allows HFESA members and the general public to find CPEs who have provided their details to HFESA as part of their membership record.

Please note that HFESA does not maintain the contact records and professional details of CPEs who are listed in the CPE search system. Each individual member looks after their own records. Furthermore although HFESA encourages our members to make prompt professional contact with anyone who contacts a CPE through our website, we do not have any control or responsibility with regards to the contact management policies and other professional policies of our members.

Type keywords into the form to search for a CPE. The search system will attempt to find the most relevant professional members based on industry, expertise and location within a 50km radius.

Search results are displayed alphabetically by surname.

Members may log in to the website to access a full membership database search.

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