Why join HFESA?

  • Improved Networking Opportunities

    Joining the HFESA is an excellent opportunity to meet other human factors and ergonomic professionals. Our Annual Conference provides an informal setting in which to meet new people and put faces to names. As a Society member, you have access to the electronic Membership Directory, which provides a link to hundreds of other human factors & ergonomics professionals in Australia. In addition, there are a number of state and regional groups operating around the country which provide the opportunity to meet other ergonomists in your area. The groups hold regular meetings, often with guest speakers, and provide an opportunity to meet local professionals and learn something at the same time. The meetings are informal and always welcome new members.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    The HFESA has worked closely with the Professional Associations team at Arthur J Gallagher, the fourth largest insurance and risk management firm iin the world, to identify and develop professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover that addresses the unique needs of our members. For more information or to request a quotation about this insurance

  • Publications

    • Ergonomics Australia, an on-line publication containing articles on human factors and ergonomics related research.
    • HFESA Newsletter, a quarterly newsletter bringing members news about important activities and people related to the field, conference notices, Society news and ads for position openings, products and services. Available in the Members Area.
  • Job Vacancies

    Job vacancies are emailed to members and advertised on the website under News.

  • Discounts from book and journal publishers

    HFESA members receive discounts from publishers for books and journals from the following publishers:

    • Blackwell Publishing: 15% off the listed price of any book from Blackwell Publishing.
    • Palgrave Macmillan: 15% off selected Palgrave Macmillan books
    • Wiley: 15% discount on selected John Wiley & Sons Australia Books
    • Human Kinetics: 20% discount off select titles from human kinetics
    • 15% off the listed price of any book from Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
    • Elsevier:
      • 30% off a subscription to Applied Ergonomics from Elsevier in 2017, 6 issues a year (discounted price of US$256);
      • a discounted price of US$225 for a subscription to the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics from Elsevier in 2017, 12 issues a year;
      • a discounted price of US$97 for a subscription to the Journal of Biomechanics from Elsevier in 2017, 16 issues a year.
      • a discounted price of US$140 for a subscription to the Journal of Safety Research from Elsevier in 2017, 6 issues a year; and
      • a discounted price of US$178 for a subscription to Safety Science from Elsevier in 2017, 10 issues a year.
    • Ergonoma: 20% off listed overseas rate price of the Ergonoma Journal (4 issues / year)
    • 15% off a subscription to the Human Factors Journal, the Journal of the US Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (4 issues / year)
  • Certified Professional Member Directory

    The HFESA maintains a membership directory of Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPEs) and CPEs who are Occupational Health & Safety Specialists that is accessible to potential clients.

  • Members-only access to the On-Line Member Directory

    The HFESA has an on-line membership directory which lists each member of the Society, their contact details and areas of specialisation. This directory is available to all members. Members can easily update their contact information upon moving. You need never lose touch with a colleague again.

  • Increased credibility amongst other professionals, clients and employers

    The HFESA is the only professional society in Australia dedicated solely to human factors and ergonomic specialists. Being a member of the Society indicates to colleagues, clients and potential employers that you are a qualified and respected professional. Many employers now specifically ask for Certified Professional Members of the Society.

  • Seminars, Courses and Lectures

    HFESA members have access to a large variety of professional development events all over the country both face to face and via webinar.

  • You can attend and participate in the HFESA Annual Conferences

    The HFESA Conference is the main HFESA event each year – three days of presentations and workshops covering all aspects of human factors and ergonomics and other related fields. This is a great opportunity to learn more about both the new hot topics in human factors and ergonomics and developments in existing areas of research. There is the chance to present a paper yourself or run a workshop. The social activities at the conference are, of course, a real opportunity to get to know other professionals and to catch up with old friends in a relaxed setting. HFESA members pay a reduced registration fee to attend the conference. If your interest is in human-computer interaction, the HFESA’s Computer Human Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG) also holds a major annual conference called OZCHI.

  • You can attend the OzCHI Annual Conference

    If your interest is in human-computer interaction, the HFESA’s Computer Human Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG) also holds a major annual conference called OZCHI.

  • Special Interest Groups

    The HFESA Constitution allows for the development of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to be formed under the auspices of the Society. These are open to all members with a particular interest in the topic and are a valuable way to link with other professionals who are also working in your field, or who have a genuine interest in it. Special Interest Groups are run by members, for members. If you would like to start one for your area of work and can generate sufficient interest from other members, all you need to do is apply to the HFESA Board.
    Existing Special Interest Groups in which members may participate/join include:

    • CHISIG - Computer Human Interaction
    • DefenceSIG - Defence
    • DesignSIG - Design
    • HealthSIG - Healthcare Ergonomics
    • OHS-SIG - Occupational Health & Safety
    • RE-SIG - Resources & Energy (previously MinSIG)
    • Early Career and Student - Early Career and Student SIG
    • TranSIG - Transport
  • On-line Learning

    Our website Resource Library and Members’ Area offer a range of uploaded presentations, podcasts, webinars, etc.

  • Certification

    The HFESA runs its own certifications and maintenance of certification system. Applications are assessed free of charge. (Conditions apply for eligibility - refer to the Membership Matrix for additional information.

  • Mentoring

    The HFESA runs a mentoring programme for aspiring CPEs who have completed the requirements of active membership, education and practice.

  • Raising the Profile of Human Factors and Ergonomics

    The HFESA promotes the benefits of ergonomics through various media. The Media Relations Officer, Mark Dohrmann, maintains communication with members, other professional bodies and the general public via the website and news media.

  • Full Members can use the affiliation MHFESA and Certified Professional Ergonomists can use the post-nominals CPE.

    These affiliations can be added to your business card, letterhead and CV to indicate that you are a qualified and professionally recognised ergonomist. Fellows, Certified Professional Ergonomists, Members and Retired full Members may apply to the HFESA Board to use the HFESA logo on their promotional material to indicate that they are recognised by the Society.

  • Lobbying

    The HFESA advocates for its members on various Government, Standards and OH & S initiatives, forums and media activities.

  • Access First

    HFESA is a member of Access First, a group which offers discounts on various professional services, including business travel and accommodation, legal, financial, debt collection, communications, human resources and health insurance. View their website here:

    Benefits include:

    • An industry superannuation fund developed specifically for association bodies and members - EmPlus
    • Mobile Market Me - websites, text marketing & social media management
    • Human resources and industrial relations advice – The HR People
    • Free ad-hoc legal advice – Gillis Delaney
    • Flight Centre Business
    • Optimum Recoveries – debt collections
    • OzForex – International currency exchange
    • Commonwealth Bank – banking and financial services
    • Digital Exchange – broadcast messaging and communications
    • Health Insurance Consultants Australia – health insurance.

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