HFESA Membership

HFESA Membership is varied - make sure you make the right choice of membership!

  • Full Time Student

    Full-time student membership is open to full-time students of ergonomics or of a related discipline who supports the Society and its Aim and abides by the Code of Practice.

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  • Affiliate Member

    Affiliate membership is open to anyone with an interest in ergonomics and human factors and supports the Society and its Aim and abides by the Code of Practice.

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  • Full Member

    Affiliate members wishing to upgrade their membership need to complete the manual application form (see Membership) and send it to the Secretariat with copies of their current CV and certificates of qualifications. Applications for full membership are reviewed by the Executive to ensure applicants meet the criteria for both experience in ergonomics and education. If your application to upgrade your membership is approved an upgrade fee applies.

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  • Corporate

    Corporate Membership is open to any commercial or not-for-profit organisation that supports the Society and its Aim.

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  • Certified Professional Ergonomist

    Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) have been certified by the HFESA and have demonstrated that they have the skills and experience to provide high quality and consistent advice and support in the area of Ergonomics and Human Factors.  The HFESA CPE programme is endorsed by the International Ergonomics Association.

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