COBOT site visit reflections


The University of Wollongong Industry 4.0 Hub hosted a site tour by HFESA members and guests on Monday 8th May 2023.

The Industry 4.0 Hub is makerspace, technology centre and educational facility that works with businesses to research adoption of modern technology in their workplace. The Hub enables industry to access innovative technologies, equipment and technical expertise through partnerships and collaborations to deliver real-world impact.

The HFESA tour provided a unique opportunity to experience emerging technology and explore how these innovations could inform HF/E and OHS practice.

During the tour, visitors observed a Collaborative robot (cobot) welding and manufacturing process, 3D printing in plastic materials and Laser Cutters, and interacted with a range of technologies including: HoloLens Augmented Reality Headsets and a virtual reality simulation for training welders.

Visitors were also able to participate in a Master of Philosophy Human Factors Research Study, that involved working with a Collaborative Robot to perform pick and place tasks and respond to forced errors. The study evaluated the interaction between the human operator and COBOT.

Reflections written by Dr. Roman Coman.

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