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26/03/2024 , All Day (Localtime)


All Day

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With Antonio Di Lieto, Manager Simulation Studies – Center for Simulator Maritime Training (part of the Carnival Corporation Training Center)


When: 26th March 2023 – 13.00-14.30 (CET)


This webinar aims to provide a general overview of maritime safety with a focus on how the legal concept of Due Diligence and academic principles on Safety Leadership can co-exist. A catastrophic accident which caused loss of nine lives, the criminal convictions of shipboard officers and the collapse of the port control tower will be used as case study. In the event of a large-scale accident, in order to deal with the increasing level of scrutiny by the courts and by an increasingly intolerant public opinion, both management and operators at the sharp end must be able to demonstrate that they have done everything possible to prevent it, by shifting the emphasis from compliance to diligence.


Antonio Di Lieto is a former ship master and hydrographer who has been working with maritime simulations since 2011. He matured such experience in Australia, where he facilitated ship maneuvering studies and marine pilots training. At present, he manages simulations studies carried out at CSMART, Carnival Corporation training center in The Netherlands. He has been lucky enough to meet and work together with some of the experts who have spearheaded progress within the maritime industry over the last few decades. Their stories are now an essential part of Antonio’s recent book: “Diligent Pilotage – Lessons Learned from the Jolly Nero”. Antonio’s current professional interests revolve around Bridge Resource Management, Marine Pilotage, and the integration between safety leaderships principles and the legal concepts of due diligence.


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