Awarded to a member of the Society in good standing for outstanding contribution to the Society and the HFE profession over at least 10 years. The Award is based on the assessment of the Honours and Awards Committee and ratified by the Society Board. The Award is in the form of a membership certificate showing Fellow. Fellows of the Society:
Adams, Neil (Deceased) Aickin, Christine Blewett, Verna Brown, David (Deceased) Bullock, Margaret Burgess-Limerick, Robin Cameron, Colin Caple, David Cook, Margaret Cumming, Ron (Deceased) Dohrmann, Mark Evans, Owen Ferguson, David (Deceased) Frith, Jeffrey Gibbs, Shirleyann Gibson, Ian Gladstones, William (Deceased) Green, William Hall Roger (Deceased) Hoffmann, Errol (Deceased) Horrigan, Ken Lane, John (Deceased) Lindgaard, Gitte Long, Airdrie Long, Jenny Macdonald, Wendy McPhee, Barbara Oxenburgh, Maurice O’Keeffe, Valerie Patkin, Michael Provins, Ken (Deceased) Stevenson, Michael Triggs, Thomas (Deceased) Welford, Alan (Deceased) Whitby, Louise

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