Good Work Design is User Centred Design

The Humans Factors and Ergonomic Society of Australia (HFESA) has produced a podcast featuring a conversation between Sara Pazell BAppSci(OT), MBA, PhD, and CPE, university lecturer and HFE design consultant, and Sharon Todd, the President of HFESA. The podcasts can be accessed via the HFESA website or the HFE Hub website.

User-Centred Design

The podcast highlights the importance of User-Centred Design (UCD) in creating products that cater to the needs and wants of users. UCD is a process of designing products or services with the end-users in mind, to ensure that the product meets their needs and provides a positive user experience.

The podcast begins by discussing the importance of understanding the user and their needs. There is a need for designers to conduct research to gain insights into user behaviour, preferences, and pain points. This information is essential in creating products and systems that meet the needs of users.

Design Thinking: A Problem-Solving Approach

The podcast then delves into design thinking, which is a problem-solving approach that emphasises empathy for the user, ideation, prototyping, and testing. Design thinking is a process that can be applied to various design projects. Design thinking allows designers to create products that solve real-world problems.

The Role of Prototyping and Testing

The podcast covers the role of prototyping and testing in UCD. Prototyping and testing are essential in creating products and systems of work that meet the needs of users. Prototyping allows designers to create a working model of the product or system, which can be tested by users to identify any issues. This feedback is then used to refine the product or system until it meets the needs of users.

Why Tune In?

This podcast on User Centred Design is relevant to anyone involved in product and work systems design, development, and marketing. It can be particularly useful for ergonomist, safety professionals, designers, UX researchers, developers, and product managers, and entrepreneurs who want to create products and systems of work that meet the needs of their users. It is also relevant to individuals who are interested in learning more about the user-centred design process and how it can help create better products and systems of work. The podcast provides valuable insights and practical tips on how to incorporate user-centred design principles in practice.

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Prepared by Michael Dubos

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