Integrating human factors for safety, quality and efficiency in health and healthcare, Health Ergonomics was established in 2009 as a special interest group of HFESA, bringing together anyone whose research, practice, discipline or interest embraces:

Patient and employee safety e.g. evidence-base practice, healthcare economics, integration of employee and patient safety programs information technology e.g. use of computers in health and health promotion communication e.g. clinical communication, records management, signage usability of equipment and systems e.g. equipment/instruments, medication systems, emerging technology environmental design issues e.g. design and layout of facilities, bariatrics safety II and resilient healthcare e.g. designing to succeed under a range of conditions human alertness and performance e.g. fatigue minimisation for error prevention system ergonomics e.g. resource management, leadership Human factors methods and tools for health and Emerging health topics and trends

The aim of the special interest group is to:

- provide an opportunity for collaboration on issues important in healthcare ergonomics
- provide opportunities to promote healthcare ergonomics, and
- provide a means for on-going professional development.

Health Ergonomics is overseen by a committee, with representation from HFESA's state branches.

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