At the 2011 conference a meeting of RailSIG members decided to rename the RailSIG to TranSIG in order to better represent the interests of the members and foster new members.

Transport Human Factors covers a wide breadth of topics. As a snapshot, below are some of the topics generating a lot of interest in the transport industries in Australia and around the world:

- Fatigue management and vigilance
- Organisational considerations (e.g. "just culture")
- Organisational awareness of Human Factors (and impacts thereof)
- Risk management, risk taking, etc
- Integration of Human Factors into the design of transport systems
- Human error and error management
- Cultural change to improve safety behaviours at all organisational levels
- Systemic failure
- Impact of new technologies
- Level crossings (road and rail driver behaviours and design of crossings)
- Post-incident stress
- Rail resource management

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Antoine Jdeidani

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Antoine Jdeidani


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