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With each passing day, and through the efforts of our global HFE community, strides are being made to grow the HFE discipline and ensure that its reach permeates worldwide to the many who need it. One of the metrics that is evidence of this growth is the number of HFE societies that join the International Ergonomics Association. We congratulate the Bulgarian Association of Ergonomics and Human Factors (BAEHF) and Romanian Ergonomics and Workplace Management Society (ErgoWork) for joining the IEA and wish them the best with growing their societies and advancing HFE in their respective countries.


The February edition of the IEA NewsBriefs contains information about opportunities to publish your research in a special issue of the Applied Ergonomics Journal and also provides details about a Masters in Ergonomics degree in France. We also have details about upcoming HFE events and get to know the Ergonomics Association of Switzerland (SwissErgo) in the Spotlight on IEA Societies feature. We hope you enjoy this edition and we look forward to receiving your HFE updates, which can be forwarded to





IEA 2024: Call for abstract submissions extended

The deadline for the second round of the call for papers has been extended to 21 March 2024. The abstract submission outcomes will be announced on the 5th of April 2024 following a peer review process. Details about the abstract submission requirements and format can be found here:


The IEA 2024 triennial conference will take place in Korea from 25-29 August 2024. Abstract submissions from researchers, academics, practitioners, and professionals from around the world are still welcome. The IEA Congress is one of the largest gatherings of HFE professionals and stakeholders globally. It allows all delegates to network and learn about some of the HFE advances being made around the world. It will be offered as a hybrid conference with a substantial amount of the content offered to online participants, but, of course, in person participation has many advantages. For more details about this conference, check the congress website


Applied Ergonomics Journal: Special Issue: Ergonomics and Human Factors for Sustainability

A planned special Issue of the Applied Ergonomics Journal was recently announced. This special issue on Ergonomics and Human Factors for Sustainability is being organised by the Ergonomics and Human Factors for Sustainability IEA Technical Committee. Submissions for this special issue will be accepted from 15 January to 31 August 2024. More information about the themes and submission requirements for this special issue can be found here:


Masters in Ergonomics Course (only in French)

The Université Clermont Auvergne in France offers a Master in Ergonomics degree for local and international scholars. There are grants available for suitable students who want to pursue this degree. This funding is open to French candidates who meet the requirements, as well as qualifying international candidates. The grants are 4,000 euros a year for each of the two years of the Masters degree, with the possibility of other grants for placements in France or abroad. Interested students may find more details about this degree here:





Webinar: A Fall on Stairs: Improving Safety through Augmented Reality: 5 March 2024, 08h00 EST

The Slips, Trips, and Falls IEA Technical Committee will host a webinar on the use of augmented reality to improve falls from stairs safety. The webinar will discuss how holographic lenses and visual illusions are used to enhance foot clearance on stairs as a means of protecting people from falls when using stairs. The webinar will also discuss the experimental evaluation of the system’s accuracy, model fitting for stripe thickness, and the significant improvement in foot clearance observed during and after system usage To join this free webinar, please register in advance here:


Webinar: The future of work and the challenges for HFE: Perspectives from France: 17 April 2024, 13h00 UTC

The webinar series on the future of work and challenges for HFE has thus far provided insights from various parts of the world. The next webinar in the series circles back to Europe to uncover insights and perspectives on the future of work from leading HFE experts in France. Registration is free to all interested people. The webinar will be recorded and published on the IEA YouTube channel. Join this webinar by registering here:





Switzerland may be famous for its mountains, chocolate, cheese, and watches, but did you know that it is also home to one of the IEA federated societies, the Swiss Ergonomics Association, also known as Swiss Ergo?


We would like to extend our gratitude to SwissErgo for contributing to the IEA NewsBriefs and for the work that they do to contribute to the advancement of HFE. If your society wants to be featured in the Spotlight on IEA societies feature, please email the IEA NewsBriefs editor (




SwissErgo’s creation, 25 years ago, was a collaborative work of several HFE professionals who saw the need to establish a society that would serve to promote HFE in Switzerland and work towards recognising HFE as a specialised discipline in the country. SwissErgo acknowledges that, while HFE professionals led the establishment of the society, the presence of occupational hygienists and doctors supported its establishment. True to its roots in collaborating with cognate disciplines, SwissErgo continues to advocate for the need for professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds to collaborate when serving the world of work. The society also partners with strategic organisations such as Suisse Pro, and the Centre for Registration of European Ergonomists (CREE) which certifies SwissErgo members. In addition to being a member of the IEA, SwissErgo is also part of the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies (FEES).


Despite HFE being practiced in Switzerland for decades, the profession is not yet legally recognised in the same way other professions may be. Nevertheless, various Swiss companies recognise the need to implement ergonomics and selected industries such as the pharmaceutical and watchmaking industries implement ergonomic programs. Moreover, many other companies also hire HFE professionals because they understand the importance of HFE for their organisations.



·      Established: 1999

·      Approximate number of members: 140

·      Website:

·      LinkedIn:


Overview of SwissErgo activities

SwissErgo aims to promote HFE and support its widespread implementation by supporting academics, professionals, and organisations through the following activities:

·      Providing ergonomists, health and safety specialists, and stakeholders in the business world with an information and exchange platform. This includes online webinars and an annual training day where various lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on/ practical activities are organised.

·      Promoting initial training in ergonomics at an academic level and encouraging research collaboration on matters related to HFE.

·      Collaborating with other associations and partnering organisations that are pursuing similar HFE-related goals.

·      Organising and supporting congresses, conferences, company visits, and training days (development and continuing education).

·      Maintaining close contacts with authorities and legal bodies in Switzerland and advocating for the recognition of HFE while supporting the HFE needs of various stakeholders.


SwissErgo Membership

Details regarding SwissErgo membership can be found on their website and registration can be completed online here:





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