ECS SIG Human Factors and Ergonomics Networking Night


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26/10/2023 , 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm (Localtime)


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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Event Title: Human Factors and Ergonomics Networking Night

Event Date: 26th Oct 2023 5:30pm – 8:00pm (face to face only)

Venue: Function Room 6, Roundhouse, UNSW, Kensington Campus

Event format: Panel discussion + Q&A


Join us for a night of networking! The privilege to hear key insights from three high calibre leaders, as they share insights on their experiences of HFE in various industries. Along with an opportunity to connect and network with students, early career professionals, and senior leaders in the HF industry.

Meet our panelists:

Anthony Gibara

General Manager, Human Factors Rex Group & Head of Safety and Quality National Jet Express

Anthony Gibara leads the Rex Group’s aviation Safety and Quality professionals, overseeing Safety, Compliance, Security, DAMP, Dangerous Goods and Group Quality Assurance. With over a decade at the company, a post-graduate Degree from UNSW, a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), and prior operational roles, Anthony has extensive industry experience.

Anthony represents Rex at industry forums alongside CASA, the ATSB, Security, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies and Airservices Australia. He holds various additional certifications in SMS, Accident and Incident Investigation and Safety Auditing. He recently clinched his first Safety Innovator of the Year award at the 2023 Australian Aviation Awards.

Sharon Todd

Certified Professional Ergonomist M.Erg RN OHNHC FPNP MHFESA

Sharon Todd is a Certified Professional Ergonomist and the current president of human factors and society of Australia.

Sharon has a masters in ergonomics from the University of Queensland and is a registered nurse by background.

Sharon has over 30 years experience in industry with a strong background in manufacturing, construction, metal, fabrication, nursing and healthcare. Sharon currently works as a consultant providing ergonomic guidance and expert opinions.

Todd Shardlow

Managing Director + Principal Consultant, Distilled Consulting

At the helm of Distilled Consulting is one of Australia’s leading Human Factors (HF) practitioners, Todd Shardlow. With over 20 years’ of HF experience spanning 4 states, working on projects across multiple high-risk sectors including rail, metro and oil & gas, Todd has built upon his strong academic background in human factors and organisational psychology to develop a deep understanding of applied and operational safety issues.

Todd is a highly skilled and passionate senior manager and human factors professional who brings market-leading HF integration and assurance expertise, delivered with a pragmatic approach. With a track record of successfully building and leading teams, he has provided specialist advice for the design, implementation, and operation of complex systems in high-risk environments.

Across a variety of key projects, Todd has demonstrated a wide range of leadership, technical and interpersonal skills through the provision of safety management and HF integration support and strategic direction for three of Australia’s largest rail operators, the world’s first large-scale Coal Seam Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas project, and leading Chevron’s HF assurance activities for the $54 billion Gorgon LNG project.

Distilled Consulting provides high quality, pragmatic Human Factors (HF) and advisory services across high risk industries. We deliver and assure complex systems where humans are fully integrated at all stages of the project lifecycle. Todd founded Distilled Consulting in April 2020 driven by his desire to not only provide a quality HF advisory service offering to Australian organisations, but also to raise awareness and regard for the immense value this niche, yet under-recognised, expertise can bring to any project navigating the nuanced grey areas of how humans interact with often opposing black and white system behaviour.

A proud ‘HF generalist’ and natural people person, Todd loves working with clients that value HF, and collaboratively discovering pragmatic solutions to address the HF challenges. Todd understands both the engineering challenges and design constraints, and by using HF effective methodologies and insights, he assists clients in developing and delivering safe, pragmatic, and efficient solutions. Todd is an advocate for end users, but helps to find the middle ground to balance the goals of system designers and all affected end users.

Outside of work, Todd’s interests include competitive powerlifting and yacht racing, and (when time permits!) he also maintains a long-running whisky blog.


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