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20/05/2020 , 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm (Localtime)

SA Branch PD event: A trio of contemporary Fatigue related presentations


5:00 pm - 6:15 pm


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Fatigue in Aviation
Mark Corbett, CPE

Although fatigue is seen as an increasing problem, in aviation it has been an issue since the early days of flight. This presentation will discuss the assessment of fatigue in the aviation domain and its evolution. It will look at the types of fatigue-related research data that have been and can be collected. We will discuss what issues might need to be considered when considering investigating fatigue.

Safer Nursing 24/7 in New Zealand: A fatigue management perspective
Dr Valerie O’Keeffe, PhD
, Flinders University, South Australia
Fatigue arising from shift work may adversely impact nurses’ safety, health and wellbeing, increase risk to patients, and create challenges for effective healthcare delivery.
This presentation discusses the National Code of Practice for the management of shift work to mitigate nurses’ fatigue, based on data from a national survey of New Zealand public hospital nurses.
The Code provides evidence-informed guidance on optimal shift design through collaboratively implementing a Fatigue and Shift Work Management System (FSMS).
The Code adopts a flexible and world-leading approach with the potential to improve outcomes for nurses, patients and healthcare management, with applicability to Australian practices.

Fatigue and bushfires/emergency services
Professor Sally Ferguson BSc (Hons), MA, PhD

Director | Appleton Institute
Deputy Dean Research | School of Health, Medical, and Applied Sciences
Research Professor

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