Keynote Speaker: Dr. W. Patrick Neumann – HFESA National Annual Conference

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA) will hold its 58th National Annual Conference from 19-22 November 2023 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The conference theme this year is “Value and Vitality: The Impact of Human Factors and Ergonomics”. Practitioners and academics are encouraged to participate in presentations and workshops that showcase the value, importance, use, worth, significance, and vitality of human factors & ergonomics across diverse industries and applications.

Introducing Dr. W. Patrick Neumann, Keynote Speaker

Dr. W. Patrick Neumann is a prominent design scientist and human factors professional who has made significant contributions to the field of human factors and ergonomics. As the director of the Human Factors Engineering Lab in the Industrial Engineering group at Toronto Metropolitan University, Dr. Neumann brings over 25 years of experience in conducting collaborative field research and developing system models that integrate human factors into systems analysis. His ground-breaking research has earned him multiple “best paper” awards in the biomedical, ergonomics, and engineering literatures.

At the core of Dr. Neumann’s work lies the goal of creating models that enable designers to understand the financial implications of human factors-related system design decisions. By focusing on sectors such as supply chain and healthcare, he aims to identify the key design choices and decisions that lead to reliable high performance while maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce. His research delves into the intricate relationship between productivity impacts, quality losses, injury absenteeism, and injury presenteeism, shedding light on how these factors intertwine with human factors considerations.

Why Attend the HFESA Conference?

Dr. Neumann’s extensive experience and contributions to the field of human factors and ergonomics make him an ideal keynote speaker for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia’s 58th National Annual Conference. The conference provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from his expertise and connect with their colleagues in the industry.

Dr. Neumann’s keynote speech will be relevant for a wide range of professionals, including practitioners and academics who work in the fields of industrial ergonomics, office ergonomics, occupational biomechanics, musculoskeletal disorders, human-system interaction, usability design, human performance, workplace safety and design, and anthropometry. In addition, anyone who is interested in learning about the impact of human factors and ergonomics across diverse industries and applications may find his speech informative and valuable.

The conference is an excellent opportunity for those who are passionate about human factors and ergonomics to share their work and learn from others. The conference will be a hybrid conference, making it accessible to both in-person and online participants.

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Dr. Neumann’s extensive knowledge and expertise make him a highly sought-after keynote speaker. His invitation to speak at the HFESA conference underscores his reputation as a leading figure in the field of human factors and ergonomics. His keynote address will delve into the value proposition of ergonomics, emphasizing how it contributes to improved quality, better staff retention, and enhanced productivity. Dr. Neumann’s message resonates with the understanding that the well-being and comfort of employees directly impacts their performance and job satisfaction.

Recognition and Contributions:

Dr. Neumann’s expertise is further supported by his educational background. He holds a BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, an MSc in Occupational Biomechanics (Kinesiology), a Licentiate of Engineering from Lund Technical University in Design Science, and a PhD in Design Science from Lund Technical University in Sweden. These qualifications reflect his deep understanding of the complex interplay between human factors, design science, and occupational biomechanics.

In addition to his role at Toronto Metropolitan University, Dr. Neumann also serves as a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University. Through numerous academic and industry partnerships in Europe and North America, he has fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange, enriching the field of human factors and ergonomics with diverse perspectives and insights.

Dr. Neumann’s current research at the Human Factors Engineering Lab focuses on designing work systems that are effective and sustainable from both human and technical perspectives. His areas of study encompass crucial aspects of organizational performance, including human factors and corporate strategy, industrial system design processes, organizational design and change management, simulation and virtual performance modelling, as well as performance and exposure measurement. By investigating these critical domains, Dr. Neumann seeks to enhance workplace practices and optimize the interaction between humans and technology.

One of Dr. Neumann’s recent research endeavours is examining the relationship between load levels, fatigue, and recovery. Intriguingly, his research suggests a U-shaped relationship, where moderate force results in lower perceived fatigue and shorter recovery times compared to low or high load levels. This finding challenges the conventional belief that minimizing load levels is the sole solution for reducing workplace injuries. By exploring the mechanisms behind this U-shaped fatigue response, Dr. Neumann aims to shed light on new strategies for mitigating fatigue-related risks and improving employee well-being.

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Prepared by Michael Dubos

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