Society Medal

The HFESA Society Medal is awarded annually at the HFESA National AGM for outstanding service to and promotion of the Society over at least seven years.

  • Awarded to a member of the Society in good standing.
  • The Award is based on the collaborative assessment of the Society President and the Honours and Awards Committee.
  • The Award is in the form of a medal inscribed with the recipient’s name.

Past recipients

1991 Alan Howie
1992 Phil Taylor
1993 Richard Rawling
1994 Jim Whiting
1995 Margaret Bullock
1996 not awarded
1997 Mike Stevenson
1998 Jim Carmichael
1999 Christine Aickin
2000 Jeffrey Frith
2001 David Caple
2002 Roger Hall
2003 Robin Burgess-Limerick
2004 Shirleyann Gibbs
2005 Barbara McPhee
2006 Verna Blewett
2007 Andrea Shaw
2008 Margaret Cook
2009 Neil L Adams, Snr
2010 Louise Whitby
2011 Jenni Miller
2012 Belinda Cox
2013 Christine Marks (nee Waring)
2014 Lenore Gunning
2015 Angela Summers
2016 Andrew Petersen
2017 Richard Sutherland
2018 Rodney Powell
2019 Maree Webber
2020 Andrew Wright
2021 Stephen Hehir

2022 Amy Chung

2023 Antoine Jdeidani


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